Our Team

Barnaby Scantlebury - General Manager

Barnaby Scantlebury runs the Moonshine Lab product development sprints and handles traffic generation, analytics and CRO. He has been working in the digital space for over 20 years and comes to the Moonshine Lab from digital creative, UX design and digital production roles at CHE Melbourne, Cummins & Partners, Sapient, KWP and Jamshop..


Sam Jeffries - Director

Sam Jeffries co-founded and runs The Distillery agency business and manages the relationship between Moonshine Lab portfolio start-ups and the talent pool at The Distillery. Sam has a 25 year career in advertising, including founding his own 60-strong agency in London before returning home to The Distillery.


Jason Neave - Director

Jason Neave co-founded The Distillery and raised capital to launch social sportsbetting start-up Punt Club which he now runs with a team of 6. Jason served on the ADMA (Association for Data-driven Advertising & Marketing) national board for 5 years and lectures ADMA’s digital marketing courses in Adelaide